"Veggied-up" Pancakes

Chef Ze' says there is NOTHING wrong with using store-bought pancake mix!! Buy it and "veggie it up" with EasyPeasie!

Surprise Veggie Fries

If they only want fries today, that's ok. Sprinkle the mild-flavored Easy Peasie Natural Blend into their ketchup to add some veggie nutrition!

Chicken Nugget Sauce with Easy Peasie Ginger Blend

Eating out, and no veggies in sight? Sprinkle Easy Peasie Ginger Blend into the sauce to add a little spice and veggies into your kid's meal. 

EasyPeasie Pizza

Instant veggie-upgrade for the whole family on pizza night!

Easy Peasie Spaghetti

Sprinkle Easy Peasie veggies directly onto the spaghetti on your plate!

Easy Peasie Veggie Cookies

Simply add a tablespoon of EasyPeasie Red Blend to your cookie dough!

Veggie Fried Rice 2.0

Add a double dose of veggies and a hint of ginger to your veggie fried rice.

Green Blend Popcorn

For those veggie-lovers, season your popcorn with Easy Peasie Green Blend for a tasty, light, savory green veggie flavor!

Spiced and "Veggied-up" Noodle Soup

Add a half a teaspoon of Easy Peasie Turmeric Blend to your favorite bowl of soup to add a little spice and veggies.

Easy Peasie Hot Chocolate

Add a teaspoon of the mild/sweet flavor of Easy Peasie Red Blend to your hot chocolate to warm you up and veggie you up this winter :)

Easy Peasie Veggie Eggs

No fresh veggies for your scrambled eggs or omelet? Easy Peasie to the rescue!

Easy Peasie Smoothie Recipes (Sunrise & PB&B)

"Veggied up" smoothie and shake reciPEAS by Chefs Ze' Carter & Joy Williams, as presented at the Southern Women's Show, 2019