EasyPeasie Pumpkin Pie

In this classic pumpkin pie reciPEA, we've decreased the sugar by HALF and increased the veggies by 2 cups!!

EasyPeasie Smoothie Recipes (Sunrise & PB&B)

"Veggied up" smoothie and shake reciPEAS by Chefs Ze' Carter & Joy Williams, as presented at the Southern Women's Show, 2019

EasyPeasie Ginger Blend Latte

A Fall Favorite! Delicious, caffeine-free, warm, aromatic Fall treat loved by kids and grown-ups alike!

Red Blend Valentine Cookies

With EasyPeasie RedBlend, we added veggie nutrition AND beautiful color to these Valentine Sugar Cookies!

EasyPeasie BBQ Mac and Cheese

Everyone in the family loves mac and cheese! Now parents can rest assured knowing the kids are getting in veggie flavors and nutrition with every bite!

EasyPeasie Saucy

"Veggie-up" spaghetti night by adding EasyPeasie to sauce as you're cooking, or sprinkling it right on top when you're done!

Chocolate Yo-Pudding with RedBlend

As seen when EasyPeasie was featured on Good Day Orlando Fox35, "this yo-pudding is SO good that kids forget that it's good for them too!"

Natural Blend Pancakes

Chef Ze' says there is NOTHING wrong with using store-bought pancake mix!! Buy it and "veggie it up" with EasyPeasie!

EasyPeasie Applesauce

The OG "veggie up" that you've seen us Peas do at every Farmer's Market! EasyPeasie + applesauce = win!