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Are your kids making faces at the sight of vegetables?


Fear not, EasyPeasie's Red Blend is here to save the day! This blend of 100% dried and ground beets, carrots, peas, and butternut squash has a vibrant color, yet mild veggie taste. The red vegetables (beets) in Red Blend act as a natural food coloring, so light-color food and drinks take on the beautiful pink/red color. It seamlessly blends with many baked goods, applesauce, ketchup, and smoothies. It can also be used as a sugar substitute! Plus, with no artificial ingredients, no added salt, and no added sugar, it's a healthy way to add veggies to your family's diet.

No more veggie fights! EasyPeasie is the best stress-free way to help picky eaters get their daily dose of veggies. Just shake Red Blend onto any meal, snack, or smoothie and watch as your kids enjoy the beautiful colors and flavors. It's not just for kids, though - the whole family will love it! With 2 tablespoons of EasyPeasie equaling 1 cup of vegetables, it's a great way to get the nutrition you need. Our Blends are helping families win “the veggie fight,” including being loved by professionals and families of kids with special feeding challenges. So start winning the veggie fight with EasyPeasie's Red Blend...Shake Your Veggies!


A Simple Veggie Solution for Picky Eaters!   


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Nicole Patrick
The BEST way to add nutrients to your food!

I buy these to add veggies to our diet. My son is anemic and extremely picky so these work perfectly. It's win-win for the parents and child(ren)!! Keep 'em coming :)

Red Blend, Easy Peasie veggie powder blend (carrots, beets, peas, butternut squash) for picky eatersRed Blend, EasyPeasie Dried and Ground Vegetables (carrots, beets, peas, butternut squash)Red Blend, 2oz - EasyPeasie Vegetable Powder BlendRed Blend, 2oz - EasyPeasie Vegetable Powder BlendNutrition Label for Red Blend, EasyPeasie Dried and Ground VegetablesRed Blend, 2oz - EasyPeasie Vegetable Powder BlendRed Blend, 2oz - EasyPeasie Vegetable Powder BlendRed Blend, 2oz - EasyPeasie Vegetable Powder BlendFlyer: How to use EasyPeasie Veggie Blends. Cook with it. Finish with it. Drink with it.EasyPeasie Flyer: Picky Eaters can learn to love veggies,


1. Cook With It!

Sneak in servings of vegetables as you cook! Ea-
syPeasie mixes in great with sweet or savory dishes
— burgers, marinara sauce, curries, pancakes,
muffins, eggs, and more!

2. Shake With It!

Shake onto rice, mashed potatoes, hot cereals,
mac and cheese, popcorn... On family night out,
take your "veggies on-the-go!"

3. Drink With It!

Mixes into many drinks, including milk! Grown-ups
use EasyPeasie as a natural sweetener in coffee,
tea, and smoothies!