Our Story - Easy Peasie

EasyPeasie was created and is owned by two sisters — two Peas in a pod! Between us are two doctors (a pediatrician and an engineer), a mommy, and an auntie.

The Peas (founders) of Easy Peasie Veggie Blends

In 2013, we “Peas” started drying and grinding vegetables for our own family to give the kids exposures to vegetable flavors early and often – with the goal of warming their palates to vegetables (“vegetable palate priming”).  We found that the vegetables in this form were an easy way to mix in veggie flavors to everything the kids were eating and drinking – from as early as infancy.  Though we didn’t know it at the time, this was also the infancy of EasyPeasie…

Like you, we have earnestly sought solutions to the age-old question of how to get kids to eat their vegetables. Out of this necessity, EasyPeasie The Brand was born.  We care about kids’ nutrition, and are in the business of providing families simple, natural, convenient, and fun ways to improve every meal with added vegetable nutrition.  We present EasyPeasie — from our family to yours.

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Meet the Peas!

Pediatrician, Aunty, Co-Founder of Easy Peasie Veggie Blends for Picky Eaters

Jamelah D. Tucker, MD, MPH

Pediatrician, Aunty, Co-Founder Jamelah has owned her own business as a contracting pediatric hospitalist for the past 11 years. She has cared for thousands of children across the US and in international settings.


Engineer, Mom of two, Co-Founder of Easy Peasie Veggie Blends for Picky Eaters

Dorielle T. Price, PhD

Engineer, Mom of two, Co-Founder Dorielle is a PhD engineer by training and a mom of 2 boys. She is passionate about kids’ health, organization, and creating ways to make life easier and more efficient.