Responsibly-sourced vegetables from American and international farms (Canada, Europe, South America)
to obtain the best, non-GMO vegetables


Vegetables are air/heat dried


Dried vegetables are ground into powder


It’s EasyPeasie! Simply veggies in the best combination of shelf-life, convenience, and great, real food nutrition!

Nutrition Facts

Our vegetables are sourced from American and international farms (Canada, Europe, S.America) to obtain the best, non-GMO veggies at peak season.

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What it's not

Unlike other powdered nutritional products in the market, EasyPeasie does not need to be reconstituted, can be used either hot or cold, is all natural with no artificial ingredients, no artificial sweeteners, no added sugar or fruit sweeteners, no added salt, and no preservatives.

EasyPeasie Veggie Blends are not a vitamin or artificial supplement; our Blends are real food and meant to be a real food palate primer. EasyPeasie is made with love in a kitchen, not a lab :)

The struggle

Most parents struggle with getting children to eat their veggies, and we know from USDA surveys that 90% of Americans do not meet the minimum daily vegetable intake recommended.

The earlier and more often infants and toddlers are exposed to vegetable flavors (vegetable palate priming), the earlier they take to them, and the more likely they are to eat a variety of vegetables later in life. Pediatric studies have shown that learning to love veggies early leads to more veggie intake over time and better health as evidenced by lower body mass index (BMI) and adiposity.

Mild-flavored EasyPeasie Veggie Blends provide families another tool to palate-prime children for vegetables by allowing for repeated, discreet exposures to a variety of vegetables at every meal.

Veggie Palate Primer

We think of EasyPeasie as a veggie palate-primer and bridge to whole vegetables. Kids need many tries of new foods before liking them.

With EasyPeasie, families have a new, easy way to get those repeated tries of veggies in. Families use EasyPeasie Veggie Blends to add veggie flavor and extra veggie nutrition to kids’ favorite food and drinks: applesauce, yogurt, oatmeal, pizza, sauces, smoothies, milk, pancakes, burgers, and more!

By adding veggie flavors to foods kids already like, kids' palates are experiencing veggie flavors in fun and positive contexts -- which is awesome for building lasting healthy habits! We made the veggie learning experience less stressful for mom and dad and fun for the kids. Win, win!

How parents and chefs use EasyPeasie

When first using EasyPeasie, we like to say “season to ‘nano-taste’ ” (as opposed to “season to taste”). Add as much as you’d like until the kids notice it!

For an individual container of applesauce, for example, start with half a teaspoon or a few shakes of EasyPeasie and work your way up. When cooking with EasyPeasie (i.e. pancakes or spaghetti), start with adding a tablespoon of EasyPeasie to the mix.

Our chef-customers love our Blends' all-natural colors and flavors, and use them as gluten-free binders, flour/corn meal substitutes, sugar substitutes, or as beautiful dusts!