Protecting Our Kids in Tough Times

As a business centered on healthy kids and families, we at EasyPeasie are saddened by the recent tragedies affecting American families across the country.

We know that there are less-publicized acts of violence and disruption that happen daily in communities of disenfranchised people; from Appalachia to Native American communities to inner-city America.  We hope and pray for more empathy and more communication during these critical times.  This is the time to lean in – to connect; not turn away.  All parents want to see their children succeed. Every heart wants to make it home to their loved ones at night.  We have to first honor each other’s humanity in order to create a world of peace and safety that we desire our children to inherit.

EasyPeasie salutes the American Academy of Pediatrics in its efforts to help parents and pediatricians learn strategies to protect our children from the epidemic of violence that has sadly become contemporary.

See the Academy’s initiative and recommendations to parents here.

Healthy food and lifestyles are important.  But safety and protection from violence are basic needs of children that those of us given the mandate to care for children must meet.

With Love and Empathy,

The Peas

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