Tuesday Top 5: Five Reasons You’re Glad School’s Back In!


Happy Back to School, families!  For all the anxiety and demands of getting the kids ready to get back into the swing of things for school, we thought we’d take this moment to thank our teachers and celebrate the beginning of another school year. 

Here are the top five reasons we’re glad school’s back in!

Kids need their routines!

    As much as we try to maintain regular bedtimes, wake times, meal times, and play times during the summertime, most of us don’t keep tight schedules when school is out. Kids will do okay without a schedule for a little while, but eventually their behaviors let us know it’s time to get back on track!

    Summer vacation is expensive!

    Even though you’ve saved lots of money on veggies by traveling with your EasyPeasie, gas, airfare, adventures, eating out several times a day, staying at hotels, and finding entertainment for those adorable little jobless wonders can get pricey. Thank goodness we’re back into the much more budget-predictable flow of the school year!

    Making daily plans for kids is hard!

    “What are we going to do with the kids today?!” Letting the kids watch TV and play video games is the easiest answer, but not great answers long-term or for long stretches.  Doesn’t it make you appreciate how teachers keep our little ones busy and paying attention ALL DAY LONG?!  And without TV or dessert bribes!?

    back to school

    Parents need their routines too!

    Just like kids, parents also thrive in routine. Even grown-ups do better with set meal times, self-care time, and time for “extra-curricular” activities.  Especially helpful is getting the kids to bed at a decent hour, so mom and dad can get their “me” time and get themselves to bed at a decent hour! 


    They’re one year closer to independence!


    Another school year has begun. Your little one is back in learning mode, as teachers work hard to expose them to new ideas, help them gain new life and learning skills, and glean educational accomplishments. 

    Every school year, the kids are one step closer to graduation and moving out (yay! and boo-hoo!)  Cherish these moments because time flies!

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