Tuesday Top 5 for Travel!


Alrighty families! You may have seen reports in the press recently about the germ-laden bins at security check-points in our airports. Ugh. 

As if you needed one more thing to worry about when you’re air-traveling with kids! Well, not to worry!

Dr. Tucker’s got five tips for you to stay safe and germ-free (well, at least 'germ-reduced') during your travels this holiday season :)

5. Hands off!

At airport security, give your kids the restroom pep talk – “Don’t touch anything!” For most of us, the hands are the path of least resistance for germs to get from our environment to us!  The less “germy stuff” we touch, the less likely we are to get sick.

    4. Just face it!

    Keep items that will touch your face (i.e. sunglasses) in your bag instead of loose in the checkpoint bin. Remember – once germs get to the face, they’re just a hop, skip, and a jump away from our most important "infection doorways" (the eyes, the nose, and the mouth) where germs can enter the body and start making trouble.

    3. Lock the Infection Doorways!

    This one may sound familiar from our last blog :)  Try not to touch your eyes, nose, or mouth (your "infection doorways") while you’re at the checkpoint.

    2. Wipe out!

    Wash, wet wipe, or hand sanitize hands after you’re through security. If you’ve touched germy stuff – no big deal! Just clean your hands afterwards.  Listen families – I work in hospitals and am around “germy stuff” all day. 

    If you can’t avoid touching “stuff,” the next best thing you can do is to clean your hands – immediately after touching “stuff,” and especially before touching your (you guessed it) eyes, nose, or mouth.

    1. Wipe down!

    Once you’re on the plane, wipe down surfaces you and the kids are likely to touch or eat on (drop-down trays, arm rests, TV control, TV screens). If you’ve ever seen a person doing this on a flight, he or she probably works for an airline or is close to someone who does... ‘nuff said :)


    Okay, PeaPod - you're ready! Have a blast this holiday season. And remember - when it comes to viruses, prevention is the best medicine! Get your flu shots if you can, keep your hands clean, and practice not touching your "infection doorways" (eyes, nose, mouth) when you’re out and about. Safe and healthy travels!



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