Picky Eaters, Part 5 – No Pressure

No pressure, no pleading — no problem!

“Kids are not simply little adults.”  This is one of the cornerstones of pediatrics and the first rule that most of us doctors learned as we were introduced to the art of caring for children.  So….. don’t tell my colleagues, but here and now, in this instance, I’m going to break this rule.  “Go on..!..,” you say!!??

“No pressure” and “no pleading” as it relates to kids and vegetables is a good example of a situation where it may be easy to put yourself as an adult in your kid’s shoes.  We know how much we love being repeatedly asked by our bosses if we have the TPS reports; by our friends if we’ve joined the gym (YET!); by our own parents if we’ve had enough to eat!

Imagine how quickly you would develop an aversion to something you’re being asked three or more times a day!  Even if it’s something you may have considered, you may resist just because!

In this instance, your kid may – in fact – be a little you.  Flip around a pressure- and pleading- filled mealtime and ask yourself how long you’d put up with that!  Empathize with their position and give them a little space to resist.  Continue to offer your veggies and veggie-hacks – gently.  Don’t get discouraged by their eye-rolls toward, lack of eye contact with, and one arm swipes off the table of the veggies you present.  You can do this and we’ll get ‘em there!  It’s EasyPeasie!


The Peas

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