LovelyyOT's review

"ATTENTION PARENTS : If you have a child who hates eating their veggies or adults :) (your spouse maybe). Well this product will be a lot of help for you. How to get your child to eat their veggies?"

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The Peas

EasyPeasie was created and is owned by two sisters — two Peas in a pod! Between us are two doctors (a pediatrician and an engineer), a mommy, and an auntie. We care about kids’ nutrition, and are in the business of providing families simple, natural, convenient, and fun ways to improve every meal with added vegetable nutrition. Send us your thoughts and questions on babies, toddlers, veggies, veggie palate primers, being parents, being patients, doctoring, being doctored, or anything else! Comment on our blog, drop us a note on Facebook or Instagram.