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Allergies: Preparing for the Common Allergens of Fall

Understanding the allergens that come with the fall season is crucial. Just as we swap out our summer wardrobes for warmer attire, it's equally important to gear up our bodies and homes to tackle the common culprits of fall allergies.

Weekend Recipe: Spooky Spider Avocado Deviled Eggs

Halloween is synonymous with candy, chocolate bars, and all things sweet. But what if we could infuse the festive spirit of this spooky season with a touch of nutrition? 

Not-So-Scary Halloween Themed Activities for Kids

If you’re like us Peas, and didn’t really grow up celebrating Halloween, you may be wondering how to let your kids enjoy fun with their friends and classmates without the ghoulish scare. Don’t worry – we got you!

Understanding Fussy Eating in Kids: Causes and Solutions

As we delve deeper into the world of fussy eating, we'll explore its causes, impacts, and strategies to make mealtimes more harmonious.

Green Powders: A Deep Dive into Ingredients and Benefits

Ah, the allure of green powders! If you've taken even a casual stroll through the health and wellness aisle recently, you've likely noticed the surge in popularity of these vibrant, verdant powders. What's the buzz all about? 

Developmental Milestones: Speech and Language Progress in Kids

From the first coo to complex sentences, these milestones give us a roadmap of what to expect and when. And while every child is unique, with their own rhythm and pace, understanding these milestones provides a helpful framework. 

Vitamin Boost: The Importance of Vitamin D in the Shorter Days

As we delve into the importance of vitamin D, we'll explore ways to navigate this seasonal challenge, ensuring that our health remains radiant even when the sun plays coy.


Picky Eaters: Making Veggies Appealing with Creative Presentations

We've all been there... One day, your little one is gobbling up broccoli like it's candy, and the next, they're pushing it away. How do we bridge the gap between the importance of veggies and the discerning tastes of our little ones? Let's dive in and explore some creative solutions!

Fun Fall Festivals and Activities for Kids

Beyond the undeniable charm, fall presents a golden opportunity for children's holistic development. Engaging in seasonal activities isn't just about fun (though there's plenty of that to go around!). 

Fall Fruits Spotlight: The Nutritional Power of Apples and Pears

Whether you're biting into a juicy apple during a scenic orchard visit or slicing a ripe pear over your morning oatmeal, these fruits are quintessential fall favorites. As we dive deeper into their benefits, you'll see why these two deserve a special spotlight in your fall eating repertoire.

Hydration for Kids: Water vs. Fruit Juices

Hydration is one of those fundamental health topics that, while simple in concept, carries profound implications for our well-being, especially for our little ones. Children's bodies, with their boundless energy and rapid growth, have unique hydration needs that differ from adults. 

Allergies vs. Cold in Kids: Decoding the Symptoms

It's a scene many parents are all too familiar with: your child wakes up with a runny nose, sneezing, and watery eyes. The immediate thought? Is it a cold or allergies?