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Easy Peasie Natural Veggie Blend (carrots, peas, squash) Eco-Pack. Veggie Sprinkles for Picky Eaters!
Easy Peasie Natural Veggie Blend (carrots, peas, squash). Veggie Sprinkles for Picky Eaters!
Recipe - EasyPeasie Natural Veggie Blend (carrots, peas, squash) and Pancakes
Easy Peasie Natural Veggie Blend (carrots, peas, squash) Nutrition Label
Easy Peasie Natural Veggie Blend (carrots, peas, squash) Label
Easy Peasie Natural Veggie Blend (carrots, peas, squash) Bulk Label

Natural Blend (multiple sizes)

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Simply veggies – carrots, peas, butternut squash!

Another night of veggie fights, right?!  Well, that’s one option.  OR, you could break out your EasyPeasie!

With EasyPeasie, you have a fun, easy, and convenient tool for early flavor learning and vegetable palate priming.  You can also rest assured knowing you can sneak in a little veggie nutrition when the kids are resisting or your family is on-the-go!

  • Awesome job! You’re helping your kids get used to vegetables with every sprinkle!  #winning
  • You’re sneaking in good, non-GMO veggie nutrition (protein, fiber, Vitamin A, and more!) even when the kids are resisting  #shhh  #love
  • Save your money! Each jar is 14 toddler servings of veggies that won't spoil in your fridge!  #chaching
  • You’ve got a healthy seasoning! Add flavor to your meals without adding salt or artificial sweeteners!  #yum
  • You're the best for supporting American jobs!  #americastrong

Mild-mannered flavor with a nutritious punch! It’s all there in our best blend of carrots, peas, and butternut squash. Light tan color and a hint of sweetness – EasyPeasie Natural Blend has a color, taste, and sweet veggie aroma that blends with just about everything your kids love! Natural is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. It's the most popular Blend with our families who have kids with texture- and color- sensitivity!

** Note -- 5lb bulk order of EasyPeasie comes in simple, resealable packaging, and includes a 1oz scoop (1oz scoop = one adult serving of veggies!). 5lb bag not OK Kosher certified **

Quotes from Amazon:

Cool idea! And yummy too.“The thing I noticed most was how nice it smells. This stuff smells heavenly, like a field of alfalfa on a sunny day…”

Relying on this source of veggies!Grateful for this product as one of my children is anti any visible green (or any other veggies) on his plate. We’ve used the first bottle we purchased primarily on pancakes and spaghetti.  Thanks Easy Peasie for the palate priming and source of veggies until we can successfully get the whole stuff from his plate into his mouth.”

What’s Our Story?

Well, once we “Peas” learned that early and repeated flavor exposure is a major contributor to new food acceptance, we got to work on a plan to get those exposures in!  We started drying and grinding different vegetables to add small, increasing amounts of veggie flavors to everything the kids were eating.  Our goal was to warm their palates to the smell and taste of vegetables at every meal and get them on to whole veggies!  We present EasyPeasie – from our family to yours :)

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