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Green Blend 2LB
Green Blend 2LB
Recipe - Easy Peasie Green Veggie Blend (carrots, peas, kale, spinach, sweet potatoes) and Spaghetti

Green Blend 2LB

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NEW 2LB Eco-Size is HERE!

Simply veggies — carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, kale, spinach!

Another night of veggie fights!  Not tonight!

With EasyPeasie, you have a fun, easy, and convenient tool for early flavor learning and vegetable palate priming.  You can also rest assured knowing you can sneak in a little veggie nutrition when the kids are resisting or your family is on-the-go!

  • Awesome job! You’re helping your kids get used to vegetables with every sprinkle!  #winning
  • You’re sneaking in good, non-GMO veggie nutrition (protein, fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and more!) even when the kids are resisting  #shhh  #love
  • Save your money! Each 2LB bag is over 200 kid veggie servings that won't spoil in your fridge this week!  #chaching
  • You’ve got a healthy seasoning! Add flavor to your meals without adding salt or artificial sweeteners!  #yum
  • You’re the best for supporting American jobs!  #americastrong

Green vegetable lovers (or haters) get ready!  No matter how you feel about greens, our second blend to market, EasyPeasie Green Blend will help you get in your strongest leafy greens with the softest flavor possible!  Green is our sneakiest combo of carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, kale, and spinach.  It’ll turn the color of your kids’ applesauce, eggs, and oatmeal an awesome pale green!  Great for GREEN SMOOTHIES! Get it while supplies last – Green is our most popular Blend!

** Note -- 2LB bulk comes in simple, resealable packaging. Not Kosher certified **

Quotes from Amazon:

Using EasyPeasie in my cooking makes me feel much better about those nights when I can't be as strict ...  “Hooray!!! I work hard to fit healthy eating into our kitchen, but sometimes the fight just isn't worth it. Using EasyPeasie in my cooking makes me feel much better about those nights when I can't be as strict as I'd like. It has no flavor, and hasn't altered any of the recipes I've used it in.

Great Product to sneak in those vegetables!I typically add this to a daily smoothie, pasta sauce, oatmeal with fresh fruit, or into my kids ketchup because they eat that like there is no tomorrow!

What’s Our Story?

Well, once we “Peas” learned that early and repeated flavor exposure is a major contributor to new food acceptance, we got to work on a plan to get those exposures in!  We started drying and grinding different vegetables to add small, increasing amounts of veggie flavors to everything the kids were eating.  Our goal was to warm their palates to the smell and taste of vegetables at every meal and get them on to whole veggies!  We present EasyPeasie – from our family to yours.

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Great product

I've purchased items as gifts for friends and family and all have told me their little ones are unable to tell that they are eating vegetables!! So as long as the kids are getting their daily nutrition, b it is a win in my book!!