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EasyPeasie Extra-Value Pack!
Product Nutrition Label - EasyPeasie Natural Veggie Blend
Product Nutrition Label - EasyPeasie Red Blend
Product Nutrition Label - EasyPeasie Blue Blend
Recipe - EasyPeasie Natural Veggie Blend and Pancakes
Recipe - EasyPeasie Red Blend and Applesauce
Recipe - EasyPeasie Blue Blend and Cream Cheese
EasyPeasie Extra-Value Pack!
EasyPeasie Extra-Value Pack!

EasyPeasie Extra-Value Pack!

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New batch coming October 2018! Pre-order now and save 25%.

Hey Parents!  You’ve asked for it and here it is!  With this “Extra-Value Pack,” get 4 colorful EasyPeasies: Natural Blend, Red Blend, Green Blend, AND our latest, "funnest" color, EasyPeasie Blue Blend.  Blue is our classic EasyPeasie Natural Blend (carrots, peas, squash) PLUS spirulina blue color.

Spirulina is a healthy blue-green algae that adds antioxidants, B12, and a beautiful aqua blue color to food and drinks!  This extra-value pack will easily be the most colorful fun you’ve had at mealtime since your last value-pack :)

  • Awesome job! You’re helping your kids get used to vegetables with every colorful sprinkle!  #winning
  • You’re sneaking in good, non-GMO veggie nutrition (protein, fiber, and more!) even when the kids are resisting  #shhh  #love
  • Save your money! Each jar is 14 toddler servings of veggies that won't spoil in your fridge!  #chaching
  • You’ve got a variety of healthy seasonings! Add all-natural flavor AND color to your meals without adding salt or artificial sweeteners!  #yum
  • You’re making meals fun! Let the kids play with their food making great colors and flavors with every shake  #shakeyourveggies
  • You’re the best for supporting American jobs!  #americastrong

For more on each Blend, please see large font descriptions under each product :)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
I just can’t believe my eyes!!!!

Okay, so my lil guy is only 3 1/2 but he knows exactly what fruits and veggies look like. Before EasyPeasie I didn’t know what to do.
Long story short, I used all 4 different blends in different foods and my son never even suspected. He loves his Mac ‘n’ cheese so mommy was sneaky and sprinkled some of the Natural Veggie blend in, stirred and I prayed lol. He couldn’t eat fast enough.
And he loves his white rice just the same.
I can’t wait to experiment and sprinkle some in his Almond milk and Greek Yogurt.
I just can’t thank y’all enough!!! My son is eating his veggies. This momma is blown away!

I Started using them the day they arrived.

Thrilled with the product. I started incorporating them into my kid's food right away. My daughter has not complained about the taste.