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Tired of mealtime veggie battles?  EasyPeasie Veggie Blends to the rescue.

Natural Blend: A mild mix of carrots, peas, and squash for the pickiest of eaters.

Green Blend: Veggie-up with kale, spinach, carrots, peas, and sweet potatoes. Ideal for savory foods and smoothies.

Red Blend: A sweet touch of beets, carrots, peas, and squash. Great for baked goods. Adds a vibrant color pop to light-color dishes.


Key Features:

  • Created by a pediatrician and mom duo
  • 2 tablespoons of EasyPeasie = 1 whole cup of fresh veggies
  • 100% vegetables. No artificial ingredients, no added salt, no added sugar. Kosher, non-GMO, made in the USA
  • Easily mixes into any meal, snack, or smoothie
  • Perfect for picky eaters, toddlers, adults, and families on-the-go
  • Trusted by thousands of families. Win the Veggie Fight with EasyPeasie!


    • Add 1-2 tablespoons of EasyPeasie to your favorite recipes and smoothies
    • Sprinkle EasyPeasie into your favorite snacks and sauces (i.e. applesauce, ketchup)
    • Check out our favorite EasyPeasie Recipes for more ideas

    Reviews from Amazon.com:

    • "I have been recommending this to everyone who will listen since I started using it! My son is autistic and a very very picky eater. But this helps me feel good about the things he does eat! I sprinkle it on his pancakes every morning, I just tried putting it in cookie dough and it was a hit!"
    • "My daughter ate everything but when she turned 2 she suddenly turned into a picky eater. These have really been amazing, I have used them in everything that I can get her to eat and she hasn’t even complained! I talked to her pediatrician and even a dietitian about it and they both thought this was a great way to sneak in veggies while trying to get her to a balanced diet."


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    Easy Peasie Veggie Blends (vegetable powder blends for picky eaters). Veggie supplement including carrots, peas, beets, sweet potatoes, kale, spinach, butternut squash 5oz jarsSprinkle Easy Peasie vegetable powder blend into brownie mix to add veggie nutrition for picky eaters5oz 3-Pack - EasyPeasie Classic Vegetable Powders5oz 3-Pack - EasyPeasie Classic Vegetable Powders


    1. Cook With It!

    Sneak in servings of vegetables as you cook! Ea-
    syPeasie mixes in great with sweet or savory dishes
    — burgers, marinara sauce, curries, pancakes,
    muffins, eggs, and more!

    2. Shake With It!

    Shake onto rice, mashed potatoes, hot cereals,
    mac and cheese, popcorn... On family night out,
    take your "veggies on-the-go!"

    3. Drink With It!

    Mixes into many drinks, including milk! Grown-ups
    use EasyPeasie as a natural sweetener in coffee,
    tea, and smoothies!