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Red Blend Eco-Pack
Red Blend Eco-Pack - Vegetables

Red Blend Eco-Pack

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Simply vegetables… carrots, beets, peas, butternut squash!

Simply veggies – that’s it!  Everyone in the family will have fun with Red!  Have the most colorful fun yet when cooking, baking, sprinkling on top of foods, and into drinks! **And Dr. Tucker wants to remind you that beets are red going in AND coming out!  If your kids are like ours and like to use Red Blend on everything, you’ll see what we mean 

Get that picky eater palate priming in EVERY DAY with Red Blend Eco-Pack!

We call this pack “Eco” because it is economically priced for you, and better for the environment for all of us   With this 12-oz pouch, you’ll have enough Blend to add 1 teaspoon of EasyPeasie (= 1 kid serving of vegetables) to meals 3 times per day for an entire month!  By the time you finish this pack, your 2-4 year old will be up 84 extra servings of vegetables!  There are 18 servings of vegetables in there for us big kids.

Complimentary with your Eco-Pack, you’ll receive the “EasyPeasie Plan for Veggie Success” (our positive reinforcement strategy for encouraging your kids to eat veggies)!  You may also opt-in to daily support from The Peas to help get those veggies in…

Let’s GO Eco!