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Tuesday Top 5 for Travel!

Dr. Tucker’s got five tips for you to stay healthy and germ-free (well, at least 'germ-reduced') during your travels this holiday season :)

Tuesday Top 5: Five Reasons It's Always YOU That Gets Sick!

"Does it always seem like it’s you that gets it when something’s going around at your kid’s school?"

Tuesday Top 5: Five Reasons You’re Glad School’s Back In!

For all the anxiety and demands of getting the kids ready to get back into the swing of things for school, we thought we’d take this moment to thank our teachers and celebrate the beginning of another school year.  Here are the top five reasons we’re glad school’s back in!

Rear-Facing as Long as Possible!

In the event of braking, being rear-facing allows for the largest, heaviest part of the baby to be cradled in the cushion of car seat (think of a ball being caught in a mitt) as opposed to flopping forward if the baby were front-facing.

Car Safety Week!

Injury prevention is one of the most important topics that we, as pediatricians, discuss with families.  Here in the United States, unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death for children over 1 year of age, and car crashes are always in the top two causes of these injuries across all pediatric age groups, along with SIDS/infant suffocation, drowning, suicide, and firearm homicide. 

Protecting Our Kids in Tough Times

As a business centered on healthy kids and families, we at EasyPeasie are saddened by the recent tragedies affecting American families across the country. We know that there are less-publicized acts of violence and disruption that happen daily in communities of disenfranchised people; from Appalachia to Native American communities to inner-city...